Welcome to my Portfolio!

My name is Annaliese Lemieux-Kaplan, and welcome to my portfolio project for COM 495. I am in my final semester of college at Queens University of Charlotte, and I am excited to graduate in May 2016 with a degree in Journalism and Digital Media, and two minors in French and Sociology. My collegiate experience has not only appropriately prepared me for my post graduate life, but has also continually presented me with opportunities for personal growth that extend far beyond classroom knowledge.

My collegiate career did not begin at Queens University of Charlotte. I moved to North Carolina on August 17th, 2012, as a native Mainer (who hadn’t even had her 18th birthday yet). This girl was beyond excited to begin college at Gardner-Webb University (GWU) in Boiling Springs, NC. I found Gardner-Webb while browsing at colleges online during my senior year of high school, during a point in my life when attending a Christian college was very important to me. I visited GWU twice during my senior year, with my dad in February, and with my mom in March, and fell in love on each visit. GWU had a communication major, as well as a radio station on campus, but the main reason that I chose to attend the school was because I thought that I would fit in well with the school community. I had struggled for a lot of high school to find a good group of friends and to feel accepted, and I didn’t want college to be a repeat experience of that.

I did end up loving the Christian community aspect of GWU, but very quickly into my time in the communication major did I realize that I needed to transfer. I was extremely passionate about both radio broadcasting and the field of communication as my path of academic study, but I knew that GWU didn’t have the resources or location to provide me with that I needed to succeed in my life after college. I pursued transferring options within the state of North Carolina, which is what lead me to Queens.

I arrived at Queens in Fall 2013, and the beginning of my sophomore year. I have really enjoyed my academic experiences as a Knight school student. My courses have been challenging, and have taught me not only information necessary for working in my field of choice, but also important theories and ways of thought that have molded how I see and interact with the world around me. I have also had life changing internship experiences, both directly through Queens and also that I have found on my own, all of which has continued to culminate towards a more fulfilling educational experience.

Following graduation in May, I will be enrolling at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting’s Charlotte campus, and beginning classes during their summer term. I am excited to attend CBS to further my education in radio and broadcasting, and to hopefully be able to find employment in Charlotte in this field following completion of their program. I know that with a combination of the personal growth that I experienced at Gardner-Webb, the high academic success that I achieved at Queens, and the career specific training that I’ll learn at CSB, I will be fully prepared to take on the Charlotte job market in early 2017!

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My Learning Objective Reflections:

1: Theory and History of Communication

2. Oral Communication Proficiency

3. Written Communication Proficiency

4. Digital and Media Literacy

5. Research Literacy

6. Research Literacy

7. Global Awareness

8. Ethical Responsibility