Reflection 4: Digital and Media Literacy

Digital Charlotte Tutorial

This might seem like an obvious choice, but the Knight School class that best helped with my Digital and Media Literacy was COM 370, Advanced Digital Media Production. This was one of the first classes that I took after I switched from being a Communication major to a Journalism and Digital Media major, and it helped solidify for me that I made the right decision in switching my academic track! I took the equivalent of the prerequisite for this class, Digital Media Production, at my former university. At Gardner-Webb, the course was called Digital Media Convergences, but it followed similar material to the Digital Media Production class at Queens, and I felt well prepared to jump right into COM 370!

In COM 370, we learned about various forms of digital media and technology, and had the opportunity to practice our skills through different assignments. The majority of projects in the class were video and photography assignments, and it was in this class that I first began to feel comfortable with Final Cut Pro, a popular and useful video editing software. The photography unit in the class also helped me greatly, as this was the point in my blogging career when I was starting to take blogging more seriously, and the photography lessons in this class were things that I was able to carry-over with working on my blog’s content!

A notable project that sticks out for me in COM 370 is when my class worked on making videos for the Digital Charlotte initiative. I learned through my class that Digital Charlotte is a collaborative project (sponsored by the Knight Foundation and Knight School of Communication) that seeks to provide digital literacy to all Charlotteans. My classmates and I worked on video projects for Digital Charlotte as one of our larger assignments of the semester. Each video talked about a different digital literacy topic, and served as a tutorial for Charlotteans who might need help with an aspect of social media or technology. My video project was a tutorial on uploading photos to e-mail and Facebook. This project allowed me to practice many skills that I learned in class, such as using Final Cut Pro and doing voice-over work in a video project. And knowing that my project was able to help Digital Charlotte and their wonderful initiative was the best feeling of all!


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