Reflection 5: Research Literacy

BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR TERM PAPER (The file containing my actual research paper from this class has gone corrupt, so I am uploading the bibliography.)

I have already spoken about the positive impact that COM 219: Principles and History of Journalism, had on my academic career in the first reflection for this portfolio, which was on the topic of Theory and History of Communication. But I simply must speak about the impact of this class again, because it also challenged and taught me so much about the process of academic research.

In COM 219, we were always writing. There was a minimum of one short paper due every week, and many weeks of the course had two papers due. This does not include the final research paper of the semester, which was due in April. My paper ended up being seventeen pages long with citations. My research and citation skills improved drastically from the start of the class to its completion. My professor, Dr. El-Nawawy, was a stickler for APA style citations. Coming into the class, I thought that I knew a lot about citing and bibliographies. But under Dr. El-Nawawy’s guidance and teaching I quickly realized that I had much more to learn. By the time that I completed my final research paper in April, I felt fully confident in my knowledge of APA citations, and this is a skill that I have been able to carry over into future courses.

Proper research and sources were also an important part of COM 219. For all of the assignments in this class, only scholarly resources were counted as acceptable sources. By working on weekly assignments and my research paper, I was able to learn my way through the Queens library data bases, and become more skilled in determining which types of books could be considered scholarly sources as well.

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