Reflection 7: Global Awareness


My COM 410: Media Industry Workshop course was one of the smallest classes that I’ve ever taken at Queens: the class was a group of five of us, including the professor. The small size of this course ended up being very beneficial to the subject material. Each student in the course has passions that lie within a different facet of the communications industry, but together we all share common learning interests as well by being Knight School students. Our Professor, Mr. Page, worked hard to ensure that material studied during this class was very current, and was information that went beyond just being necessary for the classroom, but that would also be essential for a future work setting.

During the first half of the class, we studied numerous case studies and reports relating to data over all parts of the communication and media industry. Some case studies had a local focus, such as studying how the growth of online media affected a small-town newspaper in rural Eastern North Carolina. Other cases had a global focus, like exploring the immense popularity of messaging apps in other countries around the world. It was fascinating to study the changes in media on every level from local to global, and to see the similarities and differences. In addition to case studies and reports, our class also learned key analysis tactics such as SWOT and Five Forces, and how to apply them to studying the media.

Our final projects in class were an in-depth exploration and analysis of a local media outlet in Charlotte. I was assigned a local website that produces fashion related advertorial content, called Scoop Charlotte. Through my project, I made conclusions about how even though what Scoop does with their site appeals mostly just to local Charlotte residents, their marketing tactics are used by websites of similar content that get their messages out on a much more global scale.

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