Reflection 8: Ethical Responsibility

Spring 2015 Radio Reel

For my final reflection, that of ethical responsibility, what comes to mind for me is not a traditional Knight School class or experience. Like students of other majors at Queens, communication students are also required to participate in internships for credit. I was blessed to have a life-changing internship for the Charlotte branch of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (located within Levine Children’s Hospital) for four semesters. Each semester of work at the hospital brought forth new experiences and opportunities that were far beyond anything that I’ve ever learned in a traditional classroom setting.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s mission is to place closed-circuit radio stations within top children’s hospitals across the nation. Through my internship at the Levine Children’s RSF, my main duties lied within working in radio. Each semester, I worked in a team with other interns from Queens and other nearby universities to create radio content and broadcast a bi-weekly show for the patients and their families. Some more specific intern duties included running on-air games and conducting interviews for up and coming guest visitors to the studio. Since I interned for four semesters, I became very familiar with running the radio board and live broadcasts. In my third semester at the internship, I was able to compile my first radio reel, which had video footage and audio of my best work from the previous months. Putting together my reel was great experience with working with top editing programs like Final Cut Pro and Audacity, and I had a finished product to be proud of.

Although my internship gave me much experience in my chosen field within communication, the reason that I value it so much is because of how it allowed me to grow on a personal level. I had the opportunity of meeting and spending time with precious hospital patients and their families, and learning their stories. I already saw myself as a compassionate person before beginning this internship, but after the amount of time that I’ve spent over the past two years in the high school environment, I know that my capacity for empathy has only grown, and that I’ve had firsthand experience in living out the Queens motto of “Not to be served, but to serve.” I now feel a strong desire to continue service work, especially if it could be related to my future career, in all of my endeavors to come. I have seen firsthand the power that making a difference with those less fortunate can have, both on others’ lives, and on my own.

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